Contributory Membership

MTAC Torrance Branch

MTAC State Bylaws (2016) : Article IV. Section 11 (c)
Contributory Branch membership is not a class of membership, but describes the way in
which an Active Member of a Branch (the “Primary Branch”) may pay a contributory fee for association with, and limited participation in, only one other Branch (the “Secondary
Branch”). The approval and acceptance of Contributory membership is governed at the sole discretion of the Secondary Branch. Contributory Membership fees are established solely by, and paid directly to, the Secondary Branch. Contributory Members do not have the right to vote and are not eligible to hold office in the Secondary Branch. Contributory Members may not enter Certificate of Merit students through their Secondary Branch. Any Secondary Branch benefits or privileges the Contributory Member may receive are governed at the discretion of the Secondary Branch.

Fee for Contributory Membership in MTAC-TB: $60.00

Privileges/Benefits for Contributory Members of MTAC-TB

-Are invited to attend all general membership meetings (may not vote)
-Will receive emails pertaining to the events for which they are eligible to participate (see
-Will receive the MTAC Torrance Branch Directory
-Will receive the monthly MTAC Torrance Branch newsletter, ENCORE
-May have students participate in the following events/programs
     1) The Torrance Branch Celebration Recital
     2) The Themed Music Festival
     3) Music Students’ Service League (MSSL), if not available at their primary branch
     4) Southern California Junior Bach Festival (SCJBF), if not available at their primary
     5) Fortissimo Festival
-Are invited to attend the annual Luncheon

Contributory members are not eligible to enter students in MTAC-TB competitive programs, MTAC State programs, or be part of the MTAC-TB teacher referral service.

For more information about becoming a Contributory Member of MTAC-TB
please contact:
Shirley Yamamoto
MTAC-TB Membership Secretary